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In Defense of Jackson Farm

Last night I went to a Public Hearing in Maple Ridge on a proposed city amendment to turn the historic Jackson Farm into a sub-division. Now you’ve got to live in Maple Ridge to really understand how important Jackson Farm is to the community. The farm goes way, way back and the Jackson’s were and are loved by all. Nearly every speaker, whether in favour or opposed to the subdivision prefaced there comments by telling a personal anecdote about their wonderful relationship with the Jackson’s. Now, the most important thing to consider here is that the Jackson’s wanted their farm turned into a park or used in some way for agriculture; they did not want a sub-division.

Clayoquot River Valley Witness Trail - Week 3

For three weeks this August, the Wilderness Committee and 29 hearty volunteers laboured away repairing the marvelous hiking trail through the Clayoquot River Valley near Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Christina Lake Says No to Waste Incineration

I have just returned from an exciting and well attended public meeting in Christina Lake orginzed by the local citizens opposed to a hazardous waste incinerator purposed for their community and am feeling like not only can we stop this proposal but we can take steps to detoxify our environment and move aggressively towards zero waste.

Visitors in the Upper Whitemouth Area

The cleanest river in southern Manitoba was murky brown. I was disappointed.

Wilderness Committee Attends Large Wild Salmon Rally in front of DFO Offices

At noon yesterday (Aug. 20th) there was a large rally held in front of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (aka DFO) Pacific Region head offices, with over 150 people attending!

Clayoquot River Valley Witness Trail - Week 2

submitted by Andy Miller
Week 2 on the trail crew was sunny and warm. My job was to escort a fresh team of volunteer trail-workers into the heart of the valley and then return to Vancouver the following day. 6 new trail-workers and I hiked for 2 days to catch up to the industrious group that remained from week 1. This rain weary group of 4 from week 1 welcomed the sun that allowed them to move out of their cave way up on the pass at Solstice Lakes and down into the giant tree headwaters of Clayoquot River Valley where they got back to work clearing the overgrown trail.

Clayoquot River Valley Witness Trail - Reclearing Trip - Week 1

Photo: by Geoff Senichenko - Trail Crew taking a break near Murrelet Lakes in beautiful Clayoquot River Valley.

I just got back a few days ago from a 6 day trip reclearing the Clayoquot River Valley Witness Trail in Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations new Ha'uukmin Tribal Park in Clayoquot Sound.

From the Back Roads of the Boreal Forest

The Wilderness Committee’s ancient "beast", a 4 cylinder bush truck donated by famed BC writer and conservationist Ian McKenzie just rumbled home to Vancouver after a long summer travelling the remote, back roads of Canada.  Although the rusty old "beast" has been used for all kinds of crazy adventures, like moving trail builders and their giant 40kg backpacks and helping evacuate native communities in the face of wildfire, this time the "beast" returned from an epic bird counting mission across Canada’s vast boreal forest.

Surrey Bend Hike Reveals Surrey’s Endangered Wilderness

Wilderness hikes through endangered habitat often require long drives and days of treking but on Sunday August 8, Wilderness Committee members in the Vancouver area discovered a hidden wilderness acce

Chilcotin Mountains Pithouse, Graveyard, and Trail Project

The St’at’imc and ‘Tsilcot’in Nations have invited the Wilderness Committee to blaze new and repair old trails leading into a sacred valley in the heart of the Chilcotin Mountains north of the gold mining town, Gold Bridge. The sacred valley is called Graveyard, and it is the site of the last battle that occurred between the rival First Nations some 200 years ago.

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