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First Meeting with Conservation Minister Blaikie

On Thursday, February 11, the Wilderness Committee finally had its first meeting with new Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie.

There’s something fishy about Stephen Harper

Want to know more? Have a read of our brand new report Saving BC’s Wild Salmon. Learn how industrial salmon farms are putting Canada’s wild Pacific salmon runs at risk of collapsing. The recent decline of sockeye salmon numbers in the Fraser River, the largest sockeye-producing river in the world, is particularly shocking. Up to 13 million sockeye were expected to return to the Fraser River and its tributaries in 2009, but only 1.3 million made the journey, a decrease of 90%. Wild salmon face many threats- ocean-based over-fishing, climate change, stream and habitat destruction caused by logging- but of these threats, the easiest to tackle immediately is salmon farming.

Save our Home Town Forests

Like many city folk, I rarely have a chance to explore wild forests. I don’t drive, don’t have access to a car, and work way too much.

Big Changes at the Victoria Office of the Wilderness Committee

We are sad to announce that well known Wilderness Committee spokesperson Ken Wu has stepped down this month from his position with the Wilderness Committee to pursue other interests.

Bute Inlet Update - Good News!!!

The last time we e-mailed our members and supporters about the fight to save the wild rivers of Bute Inlet, we had one simple request.

We asked you to write a letter to Premier Campbell to tell him how strongly you wanted those wild rivers in the Bute Inlet area protected from plans to dam and divert them to produce hydropower for General Electric and Plutonic Power Inc.  Well, the people on our email action list continue to amaze and delight us! Turns out that you folks write some mighty powerful letters.

Its Time for a Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in BC

Almost 50 years ago Rachel Carson wrote her seminal work Silent Spring which opened our eyes as a society to the impacts of toxins on human health.

This week the campaign to ban cosmetic pesticides in BC has continued to grow. The Wilderness Committee has partnered with 18 health and environmental organizations to call on the B.C. government to take swift and decisive action to ban cosmetic pesticides.

British Columbians are concerned about the serious impact that these toxic substances have on our health and our environment. Every day that goes by while this ban is not in place is another day that our families are being exposed to these toxic products.

BC Government Proposes Protections for Endangered Douglas Fir forests on Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast

The Wilderness Committee is calling on its supporters to speak up for the protection of key endangered coastal Douglas fir forests on scarce Crown Lands on Eastern Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

First Section of South Fraser Witness Trail Completed

After getting drenched on our last trail expedition, it was a welcome relief to have good weather on Sunday.

BC’s new Green Energy Advisory Task Force? Pure Greenwash...

Last Friday November 20th, a day of the week normally reserved for bad-news announcements, the BC Government quietly announced the handpicked appointees to the Green Energy Advisory Task Force.

Colonies in peril - Hug a Bee Today

Bees are an important part of functioning ecosystem, both wild and agricultural.

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