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Northern Lights, Gardens and Trails

We just arrived back from an incredible early season experience out at Hollow Water in the Heart of the Boreal. With Paul along as my volunteer sidekick, we went and visited Raven's Creek to plan our upcoming community garden project, and then traipsed through the forest up the East Side of Lake Winnipeg, along the Rice River following old aboriginal trails.

Intact forest map shows significance of the Heart of the Boreal

The Wilderness Committee has published a map that makes it easier to realize the significance of the Heart of the Boreal—the vast tract of forest stretching into Ontario from the east shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Letter from Grassy Narrows asking for urgent support

Grassy Narrows First Nation, located in the Heart of the Boreal in Ontario, needs help launching study of mercury poisoning in their water

Grassy Narrows is asking for assistance in publicizing a new study on the effects of mercury poisoning in their local waterways from a pulp mill spill in the 1970s. Logging has brought devastation to the boreal forests around Grassy Narrows. In addition, the rights of Ontario First Nations to have input into activities in their traditional territories is not always recognized or enforced.

McFadyen can't talk the line on BiPole 3, runs from the truth

Hugh McFadyen, the leading proponent for disrupting on of the world's greatest intact forests with a hydro line, was short on facts and ran from questions on Tuesday.

Responding to questions about the Manitoba budget in the legislature on Tuesday, Hugh McFadyen brought up Bipole 3, although it has nothing to do with this year's budget. Wilderness Committee Director Eric Reder quickly jumped in to ask questions about the PC party's recently released Bipole III map and plans to run Bipole 3 through the Heart of the Boreal. At first, Mr. McFadyen did not answer the question, and suddenly Eric's map was ripped from his hand and one of Mr. McFadyen's staff members physically dragged Eric backwards out of the huddle.

Okanagan Indian Band Seeks Water Protection

When we joined members of the Okanagan Band, Okanagan Nation Alliance, and chief and council of numerous other First Nations at the Browns Creek watershed protest in February, we had a lot to learn.

Organizations get together to launch new website

Educational website on the Heart of the Boreal, the East Side of Lake Winnipeg shows the positive facts about this global treasure

Sylvia Lake, Whiteshell Park Management, Tim Horton development

The plan to develop a new corporate youth camp in Whiteshell Park is continuing. A couple weeks ago the government announced intentions to build the camp in a section of undisturbed wilderness at Sylvia Lake, just as they did for develoment at Meditation Lake last summer. It has become obvious the government is going to continue to expend government resources to help this corporation take over part of our provincial park.

Worlds Largest Douglas Fir Under Threat from Logging

The lone sentinel of the Red Creek Fir epitomizes all the social and environmental woes faced by the proud citizens of BC’s rural towns like Port Renfrew and Cowichan.

Last Chance to Protect the WFP Lands from Sooke to Jordan River

On March 8 Western Forest Products is putting 5200 acres of private lands up for sale from Sooke to Jordan River – our Wild Coast.

Last Chance to See: Sylvia Lake

Sunday February 28th

Join the Wilderness Committee and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society on a cross-country ski and snowshoe tour of the Sylvia Lake area.

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