Campaign Recent Developments: Spotted Owl

1 year 13 weeks ago
What does it take to save a species? It takes people like you – people who care about our wildlife and know we are still lucky enough to live in a country that is home to grizzly bears, killer whales, bobolinks, blue-tailed skinks and western toads.
1 year 44 weeks ago
  This is a TV news story about a scientific report out of Mexico that shows that global extinction rates are 100 times the natural level. The Wilderness Committee's Gwen Barlee is interviewed for this story. Despite the extinction crisis BC still has no provincial endangered species law.
2 years 14 weeks ago
January/February 2015   Read Joe Foy's Wild Times column in the Watershed Sentinel, as he explores forests set aside for the preservation of the spotted owl - but now being logged.
2 years 18 weeks ago
At dusk in a forest along Redwood Creek in northern California, Lowell Diller switches on his digital wildlife caller. The eight-note call of a barred owl breaks the silence. Diller and Riley, his Brittany spaniel, listen for a response. Almost immediately the woods are filled with the deafening, cackling duet of a pair of barred owls, hooting to defend their territory against what they think is a rival.
2 years 34 weeks ago
Write a letter! Only about a dozen spotted owls are left in the wild in southwest mainland BC (the only place they are found in Canada) because of extreme logging of their old-growth forest habitat.  Where once 500 pairs of owls thrived in these forests, now clearcuts, roads and power lines have tattered and fragmented the old forests to such an extent that the owls teeter on the brink of extinction in Canada.
2 years 35 weeks ago
A new partnership between an independent power producer and the B.C. government promises to pour more money into the recovery of the spotted owl, the province's most endangered bird -- while chipping away a little bit more of its habitat.
2 years 49 weeks ago
Northern spotted owl population shows small increase after campaign targets barred owl rival A flourishing barred owl population is being sacrificed to help with recovery of endangered northern spotted owls in southwestern B.C.
3 years 18 weeks ago
For decades we’ve been working hard to convince our provincial and federal governments to protect the old-growth forest habitat of the endangered northern spotted owl in southwest BC (the only place in Canada where the owl lives). And now we’ve got a new map that shows Wildlife Management Areas (WHAs) that have recently been designated by the BC government as off-limits to logging. 
3 years 36 weeks ago
A U.S. federal agency is embarking on an experiment that could provide crucial evidence for saving the northern spotted owl, a bird that’s been on the brink of extinction in B.C. for two decades.