Campaign Recent Developments: Woodland Caribou

1 week 5 days ago
By Eric Reder Winnipeg Free Press, October 11, 2016   For 10 years, I’ve wandered through our northern forest, walking through clearcuts auditing the logging operations, or bushwhacking along rock ridges inspecting woodland caribou habitat. Logging is taking a lot out of these woods, and it’s clear this ecosystem can’t handle the impact.
8 weeks 2 days ago
A spokesperson for Tolko Industries promised that the company will meet all environmental responsibilities as it ceases operating its pulp-and-paper mill operation in The Pas in early December.
8 weeks 2 days ago
Brian Pallister says he understands the committee's concerns but such a suggestion is 'premature.'
8 weeks 2 days ago
The Wilderness Committee is calling on the provincial government to ensure Tolko properly decommissions all logging roads.
22 weeks 1 day ago
By Eric RederRicochet MediaMay 19, 2016 Normally environmental research leads to information about the detrimental effects of a development. As an environmental advocate, I don’t make a grand discovery on every campaign, or even every year. But one Sunday in March, as I contemplated the hiking route for a new guided environmental tour, I realized such a discovery, on arguably thebiggest environmental campaign in Canada.
22 weeks 3 days ago
News Release Keep it Wild education report outlines plan to meet, surpass global protected areas goals WINNIPEG - Today the Wilderness Committee released their new education report - Keep it Wild! A Conservation Vision for Manitoba - a path forward to preserve the province’s wilderness and surpass the global goal of protecting 17 per cent of Manitoba lands and waters by 2020.
25 weeks 1 day ago
April 29, 2016 A convocation of eagles had appeared ahead of me, but I was still fumbling to free my camera from the depths of my backpack.