Campaign Recent Developments: Woodland Caribou

15 weeks 5 days ago
  This is a TV news story about a scientific report out of Mexico that shows that global extinction rates are 100 times the natural level. The Wilderness Committee's Gwen Barlee is interviewed for this story. Despite the extinction crisis BC still has no provincial endangered species law.
23 weeks 15 hours ago
Indigenous Canadians and the environment are the big losers in a federal budget that claws back a previous commitment toward aboriginal education and makes no mention of the term "climate change."
43 weeks 3 days ago
The Wilderness Committee is calling on the Manitoba government to give woodland caribou a protected home this winter.
44 weeks 4 days ago
December 4, 2014 Images of reindeer and snowy evergreens are a memorable part of our seasonal celebrations, and they’re springing up all around us right now. This leads me to think about our reindeer cousins right here in Manitoba – the woodland caribou – and my recent journeys this past summer into the caribou’s winter home.
44 weeks 5 days ago
News Release - December 4, 2014 Woodland caribou around Nopiming Provincial Park need a protected winter home WINNIPEG – As we celebrate this snowy winter holiday season, the Wilderness Committee is calling on Manitobans to let the provincial government know we want to give our reindeer cousins – the woodland caribou – a protected winter home.
44 weeks 5 days ago
The photos and map below are available for media use.
1 year 25 weeks ago
Endangered woodland caribou face increasing encroachment on their Canadian habitat, and foot-dragging by the federal government to try to halt this advance could now doom the species.
1 year 38 weeks ago
But critics dismiss emergency protocol Omnitrax plans to begin shipping crude oil on its rail line to the Port of Churchill in August. Environmentalists and the Manitoba government are opposed.
2 years 1 week ago
The province's approval of Hudbay's Reed Mine copper project in Grass River Provincial Park, which was granted on Sept. 24, is not going over well with the Wilderness Committee, which opposed the mine because of its proximity to the habitat of woodland caribou, a provincially and federally protected species.