Forest Summit and Convergence

Saturday, October 26, 2019 9:00am - 6:00pm
Nelson, BC 6501 Carbonate Street

Hosted by Boundary Forest: October 26 and 27

It has never been more critical to build a broad, united movement in British Columbia to take action to restore and protect our ecosystems.

This Convergence is a grassroots call to action to:

  1. Identify the basic principles and values that should underpin forestry activity and our work, to identify and summarize solutions, and to outline next steps.
  2. Motivate fellow citizens and communities to mitigate the climate crisis, protect forests and water, and preserve species biodiversity.
  3. Influence and steer government legislation, policy, and action.

We know what the problems are: climate crisis, deforestation, species extinction, imminent ecological collapse, threats to water and food supply, and governments that compliantly support corporate destruction of the environment.  We know the situation is urgent. 

At this point, there is nothing to be gained from more discussion about the problems.  Now is the time to generate and implement solutions from the ground up.  It is time for broad-based, citizen action. 

This Convergence is aimed at bringing together the diverse interests whose common goal is to restore and protect the ecosystems of BC:  environmental groups, citizen groups, hunters, fishers, farmers, foresters, water protectors, community groups, Indigenous groups, recreation groups, etc, plus scientists and other concerned individuals.

This is for those who wish to organize for change, unify our voices, explore solutions, take action and implement solutions. 

We will bring together our diverse experiences and backgrounds to build a powerful movement that can drive our economic, social, and political systems to support ecosystem restoration and protection in BC.

Outcomes for Strategy Sessions:  What is our message?  How do we build power?  How do we inspire action?  Information gathered at the Strategy Sessions will be correlated and shared widely with community groups, on social media, and with media to spread the message and inspire action. It will also be sent to government.  The next actions will evolve out of this event.

Topics include

·Regional representation - possible models, how to make this happen?

·Forest Tenures - alternatives

·Bridging the gap between the science, land use, and democratic processes/ reform of public land management

·Education and transition for workers

·The economics of forestry  - alternatives to the current model

·Alternative methods of forestry  - on the ground

·Leveraging changes to FRPA and other policy - how can communities and scientists build on this momentum?  Opportunities.  What regulation will make

$60.00 for both days

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