Hudson Bay

The vast expanse of Hudson Bay splits the center of Canada’s north country, allowing access to the Arctic Ocean. Here the remote shoreline – inaccessible from southern roads – is barren and wild, with sparse and stunted trees dotting the tundra. A hardy menagerie of animals make this habitat their home: arctic fox and muskox, polar bears and caribou, beluga whales and ring seals, Ross’ gulls and short-eared owls.

The provincial and territorial governments of Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec share responsibility for the lands and waters of the Hudson Bay region, along with many First Nations communities. The federal government also has jurisdiction over rail and marine shipping.

Oil and gas development is putting wild Hudson Bay at risk. Shaky plans to ship crude oil up the only northern rail line and through the Manitoba port of Churchill have been shelved for now, but the region remains unprotected. The federal government has also released a report proposing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal for the shore of Hudson Bay.

A warming climate is creating great uncertainty in the north. Melting permafrost, shrinking sea ice and fewer weeks of sea ice are all changes affecting the lands and waters of Hudson Bay.

The Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec governments need to come together to keep fossil fuels out of Hudson Bay, and to ensure the lands and waters are protected so wildlife can thrive. In addition, the federal government must begin an aggressive plan to combat Canada's release of climate-changing greenhouse gases.

In Manitoba, the government has initiated plans to protect huge portions of habitat along the shores of Hudson Bay. Done right, with the consent of northern First Nations, this visionary proposal will offer polar bears and other northern wildlife a more secure home on land.

Recent Developments

3 years 12 weeks ago
With the Port of Churchill processing over 600,000 tonnes of grain last year, the stability of the industry in Churchill has stabilized. 
3 years 34 weeks ago
Environmental activists and at least one Manitoban MP are rejoicing after OmniTrax announced their decision not to ship crude oil through the Port of Churchill this morning.
3 years 34 weeks ago
The Wilderness Committee is celebrating a major win today, as Omnitrax announced they would no longer be pursuing their plan to ship crude oil by rail through the northern Manitoba port of Churchill and by ship through Hudson Bay.

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