Province green-lights urban sprawl with Massey Bridge

Thursday, February 9, 2017 (All day)

VANCOUVER — After ignoring decades of regional planning and mounting public opposition, the provincial government has approved the 10-lane, $3.5 billion Massey Bridge.

“Once again the government has decided to ignore the reality of climate change in its infrastructure decisions,” said Peter McCartney, Wilderness Committee Climate Campaigner. “Expanding highways enables urban sprawl, encourages pollution and ultimately increases congestion.”

Replacing the Massey Tunnel with a mega-highway conflicts with Metro Vancouver’s planning priorities and the region’s efforts to fight climate change. This decision was made despite citizens raising concerns and suggesting alternatives during the environmental assessment process.

“Why are we starving transit while highway expansion gets priority?” said McCartney. “Imagine how far $3.5 billion would go towards more bus and SkyTrain service.”

Wilderness Committee also has serious concerns that the bridge was approved in order to enable larger liquefied natural gas and coal tankers to sail down the Fraser River, further industrializing a delicate ecosystem and exporting more polluting fossil fuels.

“This is the Port of Vancouver’s pet project to get rid of the tunnel so they can increase the size of ships on the Fraser,” said McCartney. “Metro Vancouver residents will get more traffic and pollution while industry gets a giant taxpayer-funded handout.”


For more information, please contact:
Peter McCartney | Climate Campaigner, Wilderness Committee