Campaign Publications: Cayoosh, Bendor & South Chilcotin Mountains

01/24/2012 (All day)

Beautiful Lands of the St'át'imc

Where do I go when I want to see some of the wildest, most beautiful landscapes in the world? Where do I go when I want to experience a place and a culture where people have lived for centuries upon centuries? I go to St'át'imc of course!

Several hundred kilometres to the north of Vancouver, BC lies the mountainous country of the St'át'imc (pronounced Sta-at-lee-um). St'át'imc communities at Lillooet, Cayoose Creek, Bridge River, Fountain, Pavilion, Mount Currie, N'Quatqua, Seton Portage, Shalalth, Samahquam, Skatin and Douglas are strategically located on trail and canoe routes that are thousands of years old near some of the world's most productive wild salmon rivers.

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05/03/2011 (All day)

Time to Double BC’s Park System

This year is the 100th anniversary of BC's wildly spectacular provincial park system. When Premier Richard McBride created BC's first provincial park, Strathcona, on Vancouver Island back in 1911, I wonder if he could have foreseen the rising tide of citizen activism that would persist and grow stronger with each succeeding generation. Ever since 1911, with greater and greater determination and passion, people from all parts of the province have worked to improve and expand BC's park system.

Even during the dark days of the Second World War the BC government followed the lead of concerned citizens and designated several huge new provincial parks, including Wells Gray and E.C. Manning.

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07/09/2007 (All day)

A few hours to the north of Vancouver lies the St'át'imc Nation. St'át'imc (pronounced Stat-lee-um) is both the name of the people and that of their ancient land which encompasses the biggest mountains, canyons, rivers and lakes in southwest British Columbia, with abundant clean water and wildlife such as salmon, sturgeon, eagle, spotted owl, mule deer, mountain goat, cougar, grizzly bear, wolf and many plants used for food or medicine...Read this educational report


12/15/2005 (All day)

Several hundred kilometres to the north of Vancouver lies the mountain country of the St'at'imc (pronounced Stat-lee-um).

This is a Wilderness Committee education report about the 10,000 hectare Lost Valley, the largest unlogged valley remaining in the Cayoosh Range, which is within St'at'imc territory.

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02/29/2004 (All day)

During the 2001 election, the BC Liberals made a series of public policy commitments called "New Era Promises". One of these was an assurance that our cherished parks would not be opened to mining or logging. It seems that these were empty promises given that the government is looking at rolling back the South Chilcotin Mountains Park boundaries to appease mining interests as well showing interest in opening up the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park in northwestern BC for mining...Read this educational report

05/14/2002 (All day)

In 2002 the BC Mining Association, led by corporate mining giant Teck Cominco was just gearing up their campaign to downsize BC's South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park (2001). This paper takes you through the longest running conservation battle in BC history - the 70 year fight to save the South Chilcotins...Read this educational report

07/15/1998 (All day)

This report outlines the threat posed by logging to the Lillooet region's Rainshadow Wilderness. 14 diverse areas are identified in need of protection -- a large percentage of which is described as existing at high elevations and containing relatively low mining and timber opportunities. If left intact, the report persuasively  argues, these wilderness areas will provide for a more stable tourism-based economy.

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