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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 (All day)

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Kinder Morgan’s pipeline is a disaster for this country. It jeopardizes all we’ve fought for – thriving ecosystems, Indigenous rights and climate action.
Our latest educational report, Battleground BC: This pipeline shall not pass, highlights many of the reasons it must be stopped, as well as the epic fight to protect the coast and the climate from dirty tar sands oil that is about to ignite.
This is the year that British Columbians stand as one and finally defeat this reckless project forever. Along the pipeline and tanker route, people are putting it all on the line to protect their communities. Tiny House Warriors are parking themselves in the project’s path. Kayaktivists are getting in the way of barges and boats on the water. Folks from all walks of life are working to delay or stop construction however they know how.
We need you in this fight. The time to resist is now.

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