Sign the Petition to Ban Bee-killing Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Add your name to the growing number of Canadians who are standing up for pollinators and other species threatened by harmful pesticides!


To the Prime Minister of the Government of Canada:

The petition of the undersigned, concerned citizens states that:

WHEREAS an international, comprehensive scientific analysis of 800 peer-reviewed studies on neonicotinoids has conclusively shown that these pesticides are a serious risk to bees and wild pollinators, butterflies, birds and earthworms;

WHEREAS the authors of the international study conclude that "there is clear evidence of harm sufficient to trigger regulatory action";

WHEREAS scientific research has raised concerns over possible human health effects of neonicotinoids in our food and water;

WHEREAS in addition to having lethal impacts to bees, scientific reports show that neonicotinoids can also cause serious sub-lethal impacts to pollinators such as impaired memory, disorientation, colony collapse disorder and reduced resistance to disease;

WHEREAS the harm inflicted on pollinator populations by neonicotinoids has significant resulting impacts on food crops and wild plants;

WHEREAS other jurisdictions such as Ontario, Quebec, the Netherlands, the European Union and the State of Oregon have already enacted restrictions and bans related to the use of certain types of neonicotinoid pesticides, recognizing the unacceptable risk that they pose to bees and pollinators,

I urge you to show political leadership and commit the country of Canada to a comprehensive national ban on the use of all neonicotinoid pesticides.