Help get the lead out of Cowichan River Provincial Park

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They say that there's something new under the sun to be learned every day. So here is little-known fact I bet you didn’t know.

Of the 1,029 provincial parks and protected areas in BC, Cowichan River Provincial Park on Vancouver Island is the only one that allows a private gun club to operate a shooting range within the park.

Cowichan River Provincial Park sign

This has resulted in a noisy, lead riddled fenced-in compound embedded in the park compromising what should be a healthy peaceful place for wildlife and the people who are there to enjoy nature.

From now until June 30, BC Parks is asking for public comments regarding the management of Cowichan River Provincial Park.  We have been asked by local residents to help get the lead and noise out of this much loved provincial park. Will you write in and ask that the gun range in the park be shut down now?

Please go to BC Parks online comment form: Cowichan River Draft Management Plan Public Input.

Bullets on the ground

Once there, you will find a series of numbered questions. The most important question to answer is number six.

6. Are there any activities you feel strongly are NOT appropriate in the park?

When answering this question here are some points to consider.

  • The gun range, the only one existing within the British Columbia parks system, should be moved out of the park now. 
  • The shooting range within the park is inconsistent with the purpose of the Park Act and conflicts with the role of the park to protect nature and provide for nature experiences for park visitors. 
  • Potential lead pollution on the gun range, and from projectiles that escape the gun range has nearby residents concerned that there may be a danger to human health and the environment in the park. 

Once you have put in your comments don’t forget to push the submit button at the bottom of the form. 

The public comment period is only open until June 30, so get the lead out and write your comments today!

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