Protect bees & ecosystems from imidacloprid

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Imagine a spring where you don’t hear the buzzing of bumblebees, where fruit and vegetable flowers go unpollinated and where bees and wild pollinators have simply vanished.

That world is too awful to contemplate and it is why people across Canada are standing up and taking action to protect our pollinators.

Honeybees and wild pollinators, such as Rusty-patched bumblebees, have been declining at worrying rates. Although habitat loss, pathogens and climate change are factors, it is a deadly class of pesticides called neonicotinoids (neonics) that has many scientists worried.

The good news is Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency  (PMRA) recently announced plans to phase out a widely-used neonic pesticide: Imidacloprid saying:  “For the protection of the environment, PMRA is proposing to phase-out all the agricultural and a majority of other outdoor uses of imidacloprid over three to five years.” The PMRA also decided to undertake “special reviews” of two other commonly used neonics. 

This is an important step towards achieving our end goal of banning neonics in Canada. Thanks to action you have taken over the past couple of years, our federal government is paying attention.

Now it’s time to ensure we are heard loud and clear. 

Please take a moment to write your letter to the PMRA today!

Photo: Creative Commons (design by Perry Sky Jack)

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