Site C Dam construction must stop now!

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We have to stop the Site C Dam.

The federal government of Canada has issued permits to the government of BC on July 27 2016, allowing construction of the Site C dam to continue –  permits to destroy fish and wildlife habitat and permits to impede transportation on the Peace River.

We are demanding that the federal government stop issuing these permits – so that construction activities including clearing of forest and excavating the river channel will stop, allowing for important legal challenges by First Nations in BC’s Peace River Valley to be addressed.

Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has made public commitments to respect the rights of Indigenous peoples. 

Prime Minister Trudeau, his cabinet members, and your own Member of Parliament  need to hear that you want the federal government to take action to stop the Site C Dam.

Have your say today!

Photo: Site C dam construction on the Peace River (Joe Foy)

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