Tell Teal Jones what stewardship looks like

Write now!

It’s time to let a logging company know that destroying ecosystems is not stewardship. 
For the last year and a half, you’ve helped us fight Teal Jones, the Surrey-based corporation that is trying to liquidate the last of the old-growth rainforest in the Walbran Valley. 
You’ve marched and rallied, written letters, and phoned dozens of elected officials. 
And this is working. While Teal Jones did destroy significant old-growth rainforest to the south of the Walbran Valley last year, they’ve yet to move into the Central Walbran Valley – the north side of the river where the most intact forest stands. 
Now, Teal Jones is asking for input on its Forest “Stewardship” Plan.
It’s time to restate our opposition and let this company know that we haven’t gone anywhere and we’ll never let them take out this irreplaceable ancient rainforest. 
Teal Jones has a permit to log intact rainforest in the central Walbran Valley, but so far your opposition, and that of municipal governments and BC businesses has kept them out.

Photo: Southern Walbran Valley after Teal Jones' clearcuts (WC Files) 

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