2010 11 18 - Opening Statement of Ezra Levant - Ethics of Oil Debate - Ben West vs. Ezra Levant

Thursday, November 18, 2010 (All day)
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This video shows the opening statement of the Ezra Levant, Author of the book "Ethical Oil" during a debate with the Wilderness Committee's Healthy Communities campaigner, Ben West in a discussion over whether or not Canada's Tar Sands oil can be called ethical.

Levant claims that Canada's Tar Sands oil is ethical because our country has a clean record on human rights abuses - unlike some other oil producing countries. Levant wants to see Tar Sands production ramped up.

West argues that there is no such thing as ethical oil in this era of runaway human-caused climate change. He points out that some of the same oil companies that fuel human rights abuses elsewhere in the world are also here in Canada in the Tar Sands creating toxic pollution which affects people's health in nearby First Nations communities. West wants to see Tar Sands production phased out.

The November 18, 2010 debate was moderated by Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight, in the Rio Theatre, which is in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.