2012 04 29 Sacred Waters - what's at risk from Enbridge's proposed tar sands pipeline

Sunday, April 29, 2012 (All day)
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Enjoy this video from a former BC based TV news camera person about BC's wild mid and north coast that would be endangered should Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline be constructed.  Here's what the creator of this video has to say..."This area of the British Columbia, Canada, coast line is one of the great wonders of the world and Enbridge wants to build a pipe line from Alberta to the B.C. coastline to ship oil to China. I have been to this location many times over my 40 years as a videographer and I know how remote this location is. What I want to do is take you there and I will use footage I have gathered over the years. I had luck on one flight where the visibility was perfect and I video taped that trip from the plane. I inter-cut the arial shots with video shot from the water of this pristine ecosystem and will give some idea of what it is like up there. This area has the highest amount of coastline per square kilometer than any other place on this earth because of all the islands and long fjords. Can you imagine an oil spill and what would happen here? The Alaska current rushes South through these waters. One spill and the tides and winds would carry globs of tar sands oil throughout this wilderness. Most of the coastline is granite rock and the trees come right down to the shoreline and touch the high water mark so the oil would gather in the lower branches of the trees. With this much waterfront you could never clean up this spill and would bring death to the salmon and all the life in The Great Bear Rain Forest."

Music by Patricia Spero: "Seascapes" from the album "Voice of the Harp," New World Music/Ioda