2012 10 24 Ben West at Adrian Dix's Office for "Defend Our Coast"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 (All day)
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This video was shot outside BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix's constituency office in Vancouver on October 24, 2012, as part of the province-wide "Defend Our Coast" day of action to protest proposed pipelines and increased tanker traffic on the BC coast.
Over 60 rallies were coordinated at MLA offices across the province--including a large demonstration at Premier Christy Clark's headquarters--in order to send a message to provincial leaders that British Columbians do not want to see their coast turned into a gateway for dirty tar sands oil. Wilderness Committee campaigner Ben West coordinated the action at Dix's office, emphasizing the need for a firm stance opposing both the Enbridge Northern Gateway and the newly proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline.

While the BC NDP have made it clear that they would ensure the decisions on both pipelines would be "made in BC" with independent provincial assessments, there has yet to be a strong position taken by the party regarding its support or opposition of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The day of action on the 24th followed a major protest in Victoria on October 22, where up to 5,000 people gathered to show their opposition to these destructive pipeline and tanker plans.