Wild Pacific salmon – Sockeye, Coho, Chinook, Chum and Pink – are the lifeblood of the West Coast, supporting Orcas, Grizzlies, other wildlife, forests, First Nations, coastal communities and tourism. Wild salmon are in trouble.

Effects from over-fishing, salmon farming, climate change, habitat alteration by logging, mining, agriculture and dams have extinguished over 100 populations of salmon are at risk in British Columbia.

The Wilderness Committee focuses on protection of the wild salmon's habitat and protecting wild salmon from the effects of salmon farming.

To protect the Great Northern Salmon Rivers from industrial resource extraction, the Wilderness Committee is helping and supporting northern environmental groups and First Nations.

To end the use of open-net cage salmon farming on the BC coast, we raise awareness about the impacts of these farms on the natural environment. We address issues like parasitic sea lice and disease that kills juvenile wild salmon that migrate past farms on their way out to sea. The loss of protein worldwide to feed farmed salmon is unsustainable, since salmon are carnivores. The raw sewage, toxic chemicals, pesticides and drugs also emanate from salmon farms polluting marine life and also your dinner plate.

Don't let the pacific wild salmon end up like the Atlantic cod. The provincial and federal governments need to immediately shutdown salmon farms along wild salmon migration routes and then remove open-net cage salmon farms as soon as possible down the entire coast of BC, to then be followed by phasing out salmon farms, of any type, as they are unsustainable.

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