Fund for Ancient Forests


The time to end industrial logging of old growth forests is now. A plan to rapidly phase out old-growth logging and prioritize ecosystem health, Indigenous rights, local jobs and the climate is well within the power of BC’s provincial government. What’s missing is the political will — let’s help them find it.

Your Fund for Ancient Forests gift today ensures bold, creative, effective action to: 

  1. Highlight what’s at stake: mapping and on-the-ground photo and video documentation. 
  2. Support First Nations and communities: amplifying Indigenous voices.
  3. Mobilize: letter writing, calls to legislators and other actions. 
  4. Show connection between habitats and species: spotted owls, marbled murrelets, southern mountain caribou urgently need permanent protection where they live.
  5. Speak truth to government: no more plans and no more talk while ancient trees vanish forever.  

Photo: Jeremy Sean Williams

Please head to Fund for Ancient Forests to see our immediate tasks and three year plans or make your gift now, here:



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