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    Globally important old-growth rainforest in the Walbran Valley is at risk, and we need urgent action to protect it!

    Last fall, after finding new surveying tape in the unprotected central Walbran Valley, we contacted logging company Teal Jones to ask what its plans were. We stressed the ecological importance and scarcity of old-growth forests, and we asked that the company select another location in its large forest tenure.

    Then, Teal Jones sent us a map that showed eight new cutblocks on the north side of the Walbran Riverthe most extensive valley-bottom old-growth stand in the entire Walbran Valley. The company has completely disregarded our request and is now targeting one of the last contiguous intact old-growth forests on southern Vancouver Island.

  • The BC government is asking for your views on its Climate Leadership Plan, which will replace BC’s 2008 Climate Action Plan. A team of experts called the Climate Leadership Team has been put together to advise the BC government on what this new climate plan should look like, before they jet off to the international climate talks in Paris in December.

    The government has asked for submissions from the public to help determine its priorities for confronting climate change.

  • The Wilderness Committee is a grassroots environmental charity. We are Canada's largest citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization, with over 60,000 members and supporters. We have offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg and Toronto.

    For 35 years the Wilderness Committee has been successful in helping to protect some of the most beautiful places in Canada. We have also won significant legal victories for endangered species such as Canada's southern resident killer whales.

    We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our members, supporters, the tireless volunteers and the photographers who are out there documenting wild areas and wildlife. 

  • By Torrance Coste
    July 28, 2015

    On July 5, 2015, I woke up just after dawn. It was early, but I didn't feel tired or disoriented. I stepped out on my deck and saw it wasn't 5 a.m.-dim at all.

    It was cloudy, and the clouds were orange.

    I grabbed my phone, and after noticing the time -- 9:30 -- I saw my Twitter and Facebook feeds lighting up with "Smoke Posts."

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