• Now is your chance to speak up for Manitoba's environment

    Now is your chance to speak up for Manitoba's environment

    Dear Friend,

    Just as we are ramping up our work on Lake Winnipeg and water in this province the Manitoba government is proposing cuts to our environmental law and we need you to speak up!

    Come out and attend our rally tomorrow – Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 12:30pm at the Manitoba Legislature. It is urgent that we collectively raise our voices to care for Manitoba’s great lake through controlling hog barns.


    Environmental organizations release joint statement calling for federal and provincial action as required under the Species Act



  • The Wilderness Committee has created a series of maps to track the route of the proposed – and existing – Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and associated oil tanker route. Check out the maps below for detailed views of the pipeline route as it crosses BC, through critical salmon-bearing watersheds, the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, as well as the tanker route passing through the delicate ecosystem of the Salish Sea.


  • VANCOUVER — The Wilderness Committee team are giving each other great big bear hugs this afternoon to celebrate the BC government’s announcement that the trophy hunting of grizzly bears will finally be banned by  November 30.

    “For 16 long years we’ve been demanding this ban,” exclaimed Joe Foy, Wilderness Committee National Campaign Director. “Ever since Premier Gordon Campbell reinstated the bloody grizzly trophy hunt, we’ve been counting the days until the...

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