• The government and corporate interests that want to log the Central Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island think that if they ignore our opposition, we'll go away.

    We're going to show them how wrong they are.

    On the first Wednesday of each month, we're launching "phone rallies" to different offices complicit in the destruction of the Walbran. 

  • November 27, 2015

    The only thing that seems to be consistent in our climate campaign work is change. But often, change brings opportunity.

    This week, Peter McCartney joined the Wilderness Committee team as our new Climate Campaigner. 

  • News Release

    After years of calling for action, woodland caribou habitat and a vast lowland region including the Overflowing River preserved for future generations

    WINNIPEG – The Wilderness Committee is congratulating the Manitoba government on protecting parts of the Red Deer Lake area as a new Wildlife Management Area, which bans industrial activity. Over the last several years, many Manitobans spoke out through the Wilderness Committee, asking that the wetlands and woodland caribou habitat of this region be permanently protected from development.

  • Write a letter now!

    Nopiming Provincial park is a wild destination for more than 100,000 people every year. With lots of undeveloped lakes and forests, as well as rivers to paddle down, Nopiming allows access to a peaceful wilderness while also providing a haven for wildlife.

    Over the years, human activity has diminished the wild nature of this region, and it’s time we worked harder at preserving Nopiming. 

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