Every donation to the Wilderness Committee protects endangered species and preserves parks, wild forests and waterways, the natural resources we value and the stable climate we depend upon. Proudly, we are 100% funded by individual donors like you. 
Thank you for your wild gift!

A bear in the grass
Photo: Paul Burwell

Your donation strengthens our campaigns to protect trees, lands, waterways and species. You'll walk taller than a Douglas-fir or an Algonquin pine knowing you've helped preserve key habitats for endangered species in the land now called Canada.

Volunteers build a cedar-plank board walk in a west coast forest.

Monthly donors are the heart and soul of the Wilderness Committee. Join with thousands of people whose monthly gifts ensure we can plan strategically to win critical campaigns for wildlife and wilderness protection.

Closeup of a western toad crawling on moss.
Photo: Isabelle Groc

Divest your assets and put money invested in fossil fuels, industrial development and the big banks to work for wilderness protection, wildlife defence and the climate. Make a plan to divest today.

An owl looking into the camera with its head tilted.
Photo: Rebecca and Glen Grambo

Will or estate gifts to the Western Canada Wilderness Committee are a powerful personal statement.  Write or update your will or estate plans to reflect your reverence for wilderness. You'll join scores of others who've pledged their support to keep Canada forever wild.

Gwen Barlee smiling next to a badger in its den.
Photo: Isabelle Groc

Treasured colleague, ally, mentor and passionate activist, Gwen Barlee fought for national and provincial endangered species legislation, access to parks, a federal ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids and many more battles. This fund ensures her work continues.

Two volunteers dressed up in toad attire and holding donation boxes.
Photo: Michael Wheatley

Want to put the people in people-powered? We love donations and we love it more when you collect them for us! Read on to find out how you and your community can host a wild fundraiser.