What kind of fundraiser are you planning?

Think about the possibilities. Be creative! A charity run? walk? hike? bike? A bake sale? A pub or pizza night? A reason to give instead of a gift at a birthday, wedding or other occasion?

Fill out our Community Fundraising Event application form and let us know.

Use your creativity and imagine your own kind of awesome event!

How will you receive donations?

Once we've reviewed your application form, you can collect cash and cheques with a pledge form so your donors can receive a tax receipt. You can also work with us to set up CanadaHelps fundraising website to accept credit card donations. With an online fundraising page, you can ask people by email to support your event and you don’t have to worry about collecting cash or putting information on forms. You can customize your event with photos that reflect your event or the reason you were inspired to host an event.

CanadaHelps Wilderness Committee entry page
Your CanadaHelps.org Wilderness Committee charity choice looks like this.
  1. Create a user account and your online fundraiser here.

  • Search for “Wilderness Committee” and choose us as your charity. (Thank you!)
  • Click "Donate" then choose the option "Fundraise" and then "Fundraise for this charity" to get your fundraising page started.
  • Include “Wilderness Committee” and your name or your organization name in your event title, i.e. “Sherwood Elementary Hike for the Wilderness Committee.”
  • Donate to yourself first before you ask people to contribute. Your supporters will see others have donated and they’ll want to add theirs!
  1. Add "offline" donations: If you collect cash and cheques (payable to Wilderness Committee), add these to your online fundraiser so your donors can see their contributions and feel part of the event, too.

  2. Thank your donors!:  Ask Aimee Macdonald for Wilderness Committee pledge forms to record donations. You can use this to check off the donors you've thanked and we will use it to ensure your donors receive a tax receipt. Contact Aimee by email: aimee@wildernesscommittee.org for a pledge form. 

At your fundraising event:

  • Make a checklist of things you’ll need to have in place and items you’ll need
  • To accept cash and cheques (payable to Wilderness Committee) at your event, make sure you’ve received from Aimee@wildernesscommittee.org your donation pledge forms to record donation and donor information (for their tax receipts). Consider getting a lockable cash box to store cash donations.

After your fundraising event

  • Tell everyone on your email list about your event. Include the link to your CanadaHelps giving page in case people forgot (they do) and still want to make a donation (they will!).
  • Add it up: Ensure all cash is recorded. Rather than send cash in the mail you can send a cheque to the Wilderness Committee for the full amount (as long as there’s a note in the memo section indicating it’s CASH FROM SEVERAL DONORS and your EVENT name) and include all pledge forms with your cheque. Alternately you can submit a donation for the entire amount via your pledge form (not CanadaHelps) indicating this is for the sum of others’ cash donations).
  • Send it: Put all donation cheques and forms together with a note about your fundraiser and mail to:                                                         Wilderness Committee |  46 E. 6th Avenue |  Vancouver, BC  V5T 1J4

Thanking donors

  • Respond to donations as soon as possible.
  • Tell them why you're grateful. Be your usual enthusiastic and genuine self. That’s why people supported you in the first place!

Finally, let us make you feel awesome, too!

Call us to let us know how it went. Raising money is rewarding but it’s also a lot of work. Aimee at the Wilderness Committee would love to appreciate all your efforts on the Wilderness Committee’s behalf, so let her know how it went.