What is your charitable registration number?

Federal charitable registration # 11929-3009-RR0001.

What is Wilderness Committee’s legal name?

Our legal name is Western Canada Wilderness Committee. We are popularly known as the Wilderness Committee as our mandate has grown to encompass protection and preservation of wilderness and wildlife from BC to Ontario. Wilderness Committee supporters are found across Canada and around the world.

What kinds of donations do you accept?

The Wilderness Committee accepts gifts of cash, securities, non-cash assets (gifts in kind), and planned gifts such as bequests, annuities and gifts of real estate.

The Wilderness Committee has an ethical approach to consideration of all gifts. To find out about our Gift Acceptance Policy: Wilderness Committee Philosophy: Responsibility and Transparency.

Can I help by covering the cost of credit card fees?

Yes! Simply add 3% to the amount of your donation in order to ensure the Wilderness Committee receives the full benefit of your gift.

How does Wilderness Committee protect my rights and privacy?

The Wilderness Committee is committed to ensuring our supporters’ information is kept private and secure. We have a Privacy Policy which guides the care and use of donor information. Additionally, we do not sell, lend, trade, rent or share supporter information with any other organizations.

Where does my donation go?

Your donations mean the world to us and are directed to the area of greatest need among our three main campaign areas. It's because of you that we're able to remain nimble in responding to emerging needs. Click here for more information on your donation at work.

What are Wilderness Committee’s priority areas?

Because donors support the work of the organization, the Wilderness Committee is able to respond to emerging issues within our three campaign areas: 

  • Protecting Nature
  • Defending Wildlife
  • Fighting Climate Change

The Wilderness Committee also identifies key and critical issues and priorities. The greatest energy and resources are allocated to these priorities because winning these campaigns are central to the Wilderness Committee’s mandate and the preservation of our wilderness and wildlife. Current priorities include:

  • Stopping the Trans Mountain pipeline.
  • Supporting Canada’s commitment to 50% of our wilderness areas being protected as part of our global commitment to climate change mitigation.
  • Establishing key safeguards for the protection of threatened species – from provincial species at risk legislation in BC to a national ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids.

Until 2023, the Strategic Plan of the Wilderness Committee guides our direction. Within our five key areas of work, we have accomplishments we want to achieve and priorities we want to focus on. A copy of our most recent Strategic Plan is available here.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

The Wilderness Committee is grateful to have many thousands of donors across Canada. Without them, we simply couldn’t do all that we can. Donors give at the door, to our canvassers in communities across the country, as well as in the mail and online.

  • Online donations are immediate. 
  • Donations made through the mail may take between two and three weeks until you receive a tax receipt, depending on how busy our head office is. Certain times of the year are dramatically busier for us than others.  
  • Donations made at your door take a little longer. They are collected by our canvassing team weekly and sent every two weeks to our head office in Vancouver for processing, which adds another 2-3 weeks. This means from the time you donate to the time you receive a tax receipt may be between three to six weeks after your donation at the door.  

Where can I find Wilderness Committee Annual Reports?

We publish our Annual Reports online each year. They include our audited financial statements. You are also welcome to come to our office to view them, or to request to receive one in the mail.  

Click here to see a full listing of Annual Reports on Wilderness Committee activities.

How is Wilderness Committee work funded?

The Wilderness Committee is proudly funded by citizens around the world who share our goals for wilderness protection, wildlife preservation and the power of our wild spaces to keep our planet and our communities healthy. This means we can be an effective and focused voice for wilderness and wildlife.

We do not accept gifts from government or corporate sponsorship of any kind. Instead, we rely 100% on donations from individuals to power our work. We may at times receive grants for specific projects, and these comprise from two to 10% of our total annual budget.

Where can I find Wilderness Committee’s Canada Revenue Agency listing?

Click here to view the Wilderness Committee’s charitable financial report of revenues and expenses to the Canada Revenue Agency.

You’ll find that we are proudly supported 100% by donations from individual citizens, sales from our Wilderness Committee Store, gifts from charitable foundations and via online giving. 

I'm a monthly donor. When do I get my tax receipt? How do I cancel?

Thank you for your monthly support! You'll receive a consolidated tax receipt for all your monthly donations in a calendar year each February.

You are free to change or cancel your monthly donation by providing 15 days notice. Simply call 1-800-661-9453 or 604-683-8220 in Vancouver area, email donors@wildernesscommittee.org, or mail us your request. To obtain a sample cancellation form, or more information on your right to reimbursement or to cancel a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement, contact your financial institution or visit payments.ca (click here) (Rule H1).