Here are the types of non-cash gifts that donors already give to us:

  • Gifts in kind – securities, real estate, stocks, bonds, shares, mutual funds, retirement or pension funds and other gifts of real property.
  • Gifts by will or estate – gifts made via your will or estate planning with the Wilderness Committee named as a beneficiary.
  • Named funds – like the Gwen Barlee Memorial Fund, you can name your own fund to the Wilderness Committee, in your honor or in memory of a loved one.
  • Gifts held in trust – where the Wilderness Committee is a charitable beneficiary.
  • Donor advised funds
  • Charity gifts
  • Grants, family foundations and community partnerships 

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More questions about your options?

Find answers to common estate and investment questions in the Give Green Canada Guide or give Michelle a call. Your gift ensures more victories for Canada’s wild. 

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Other Gifts we Accept:

One of our donors gives by credit card and pays the 3% fee – so instead of giving $2000, he gives $2060. Thanks to his generous added contribution, we not only see the full benefit of his gift, but it is his wish that others join him in this (no matter the amount!).

Credit card fees
Original Amount +3% Original Amount +3% Original Amount +3%
$5.00 $5.15 $50.00 $51.50 $500.00 $515.00
$10.00 $10.30 $100.00 $103.00 $1000.00 $1030.00

While there is discussion of a future reduction in credit card fees exemption donations to charities, there has been no change to date. We continue to wait and watch in anticipation of this law to ensure every dollar goes to defending the wild!