Because of you, endangered species and spaces are a little safer. Your donations mean the world to us and are directed to the area of greatest need among our three main campaign areas. It's because of you that we're able to remain nimble in responding to emerging needs. 

Without your donations we couldn’t:

  • Influence decision makers to provide a future for the wild with strong provincial and federal endangered species legislation, expansion of protected areas, and the defence of wild rivers and oceans. 
  • Form better public policy and laws for wildlife and wilderness through citizen engagement in the democratic process.
  • Provide environmental education door-to-door, in schools, on film or out in the field. 
  • Give consistent, informative media interviews on campaign issues.
  • Invest in current and future campaign work and our professional hard working team.

As a Wilderness Defender, Trailblazer, Wilderness Guardian or any other kind of supporter you receive benefits, including a Wild Impact quarterly report on the work you make possible. 

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