A Philosophy of Trust: Accountability and Transparency

The Wilderness Committee has policies in place to ensure accountability and transparency, and to create a safe place that fosters trust with our community of donors, volunteers, allies and advocates.  

Below you’ll find an overview of our approach to donor relationships, financial transparency and links for more information.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Wilderness Committee relies 100% on donations large and small to fulfil its mission “to protect life-giving biological diversity in Canada through strategic research and grassroots public education.”

Accepting your gift is, for us, about honouring your intentions – ensuring you are kept informed how your gift is being put to work for wildlife and wilderness.

At the same time, we want to ensure that in accepting your gift, the Wilderness Committee is not at risk. The ethical guidelines below and a more detailed Gift Acceptance Policy ensures that your gift is one that aligns your values and intention with those of the Wilderness Committee and its mission.  

Types of gifts we accept

We would be honoured if you make us a charity of choice and gratefully receive:

  • Donations of cash and funds – from individuals, families, foundations, donor-advised funds, organizations, associations, employee groups and other community groups
  • Gifts in kind – securities, real estate, stocks, bonds, shares, mutual funds, retirement or pension funds and other gifts of property
  • Gifts by will or estate – gifts made via your will or estate planning such as gifts placed in trust with the Wilderness Committee named as a beneficiary
  • Matched gifts – if your employer matches gifts, we accept matched gifts from all employers.
  • In memory gifts – start a named fund, like the Gwen Barlee Memorial Fund in your name or that of a cherished loved one.

Ethical considerations

The Wilderness Committee appreciates that some kinds of gifts represent a big decision on your part and we are honoured to be considered. We also want to ensure that your gift:

  • Aligns with and supports the mission, values and activities of the organization
  • Ensures the Wilderness Committee and its activities are not restricted or burdened (financially or otherwise) or its reputation put at risk
  • Contains no restrictions, limitations or specific instructions the Wilderness Committee would be unable to administer or implement
  • Respects international, federal, provincial laws and human rights

The Wilderness Committee board and executive team may ask you to consider revising your gift or may refer you to a different charity that will fulfil your wishes. 

Financial transparency

The Wilderness Committee wants you to feel confident in the trust you place in us.  

  • We issue tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations and guidelines and are committed to financial transparency. 
  • If you wish to remain anonymous we will not disclose your name unless you have given us permission to do so.
  • We maintain a Privacy Policy and do not sell, rent, share or trade any donor information.
  • Our financial statements are published online and in our annual reports.
  • We follow the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights. 

Please notify us, so your wishes are heard, respected, and acknowledged.

Corporate Gift Policy

The Wilderness Committee does not accept gifts directly from corporate entities. We do however accept matched gifts where initiated by an employee. This is to ensure the voice, actions, accountability and responsiveness of the Wilderness Committee is in no way compromised and that our mission remains unencumbered by the influences of corporate goals, priorities or activities. 

Local Business Donor Policy

The Wilderness Committee encourages and celebrates relationships with local community businesses. Often, these relationships evolve organically between local businesses and the Wilderness Committee, or between local branches of corporate brands and Wilderness Committee representatives. 

The Wilderness Committee has a corporate screen through which all gift and fundraising opportunities are screened to ensure that the goals and activities of the Wilderness Committee will not be compromised in or by the relationship with the local business and to outline the proper use of our logo and brand.

Contact us and let us know your ideas for local business fundraising for the Wilderness Committee.

More information

Can be found on our FAQs page.