Tell your friends, family, work or school colleagues – everyone in your network of contacts. They'll be inspired to give.

  • Organize your contacts in a list, or use a free email service like Mailchimp.

  • Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Then tell your story. It will inspire others to give.

  • Write an invitation to your network to join you. Don’t forget to ask for a donation!  Offer them a link to your event giving page (if you’ve set one up on CanadaHelps) and a link to a specific campaign on the Wilderness Committee website you’re passionate about so people can find out about the work you want to support.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell people about your story and your event, and offer a link to your giving page on CanadaHelps as well.

  • Email friends, family, colleagues, anyone you can think of. Tell your story to them and invite them to join you, with a link to your giving page on CanadaHelps.

  • Create and distribute posters, ads, or make announcements at your workplace, school, or community centre.

  • Remind and update. People love being reminded. If they didn’t give the first time, hearing about the progress you’re making will inspire them to give.

  • Take people who’ve donated off your email list so you avoid asking them twice!

  • Successful fundraising tips:

    • Give potential donors a reason to give: “Just $300 away from our goal...can you help us reach $1,000?”

    • If you hit your goal early, raise it!

Thanking donors

  • Respond to donations as soon as possible.

  • Tell them why your grateful. Be your usual enthusiastic and genuine self. That’s why people supported you in the first place!