Honor a loved one or be remembered yourself as a champion for wild species and wilderness preservation. Ensure your memory, or that of a loved one, lives on through the Wilderness Committee.

Interested in making a pledge, gift of securities or a gift by will or estate plan to create a fund?
Consider making an enduring gift by establishing your own named fund. 

What do we mean by a named fund?

Consider creating a legacy like the Gwen Barlee Memorial Fund with the gift of a bequest, pledge or gift of assets that the Wilderness Committee manages. Named funds do require a minimum investment, please let us know your intentions so that we can carry out your wishes. 

Or you could simply name us as a beneficiary of a fund at another institution. 

The Wilderness Committee is grateful to be a named beneficiary of funds held in trust at the Victoria Foundation, the Calgary Foundation, Vancity and others, made possible through realized estates. 

Set up your fund and create an enduring gift that reflects YOUR vision and values. To discuss how you’d best like to create your fund, please contact:

Michelle Johnson, Donor Relations Manager, at michelle@wildernesscommittee.org or call 778.708.9179.

For the wild. Forever.