What does a better world look like?

Sometimes it’s hard to be optimistic about the twin crises of biodiversity and climate change inflicting our planet, not to mention wealth inequality and resurgent authoritarianism. But now more than ever we need to hold in our hearts that a better world is possible — and even on the way.

In 2022, our staff got together for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us needed a little inspiration so we sat down and thought about the world we wanted to see. Everything from community gardens to prison abolition made our list. So many ideas were flowing we had to cut the session off because our honoured guest from the local First Nation arrived.

In 2023, we worked with artist Katie Laronde from Drawing Change, who turned our all-staff conversation into this gorgeous illustration. This is what we at the Wilderness Committee are working towards by 2050. It only represents the vision of our handful of staff, but we invite you to think about what the world you want to see looks like. Then try and figure out how you can play some small role in bringing that world into being.

Here’s our vision for the world. What’s yours?

Graphic of our vision for 2050