Grow Indigenous-led protected and conserved areas

A rocky waterfall on the lower Bird River

Thank you for writing letters to voice your support of extending protection of the Amisk Park Reserve. Submissions are closed at this time.

The Manitoba government wanted to know your opinion on extending protection on the Amisk Park Reserve — in the traditional territories of Nisichawayasihk, Tataskweyak, and O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nations — for another five years. 

Home to threatened boreal woodland caribou as well as moose, the Amisk Park Reserve is the only protected area in the Churchill River Uplands Ecoregion north of Thompson. Caring for nature is a critical step in supporting our society, and the Amisk Park Reserve protection contributes to that goal. 

Amisk is part of a larger effort, and a critical lesson. It was established to grow protected areas and meet an international goal of preserving nature, yet it did not get proper consultation from Indigenous communities when it was first designated. We can make things right, though.

This public consultation was open until March 30, 2023.