The movement to save old-growth forests


Years of advocacy from people like you have forced the BC government to blink, and admit that the crisis in old-growth forests in this province requires fundamental change. This is a key moment for endangered and irreplaceable forests here.

In November 2021, the province announced for the first time ever, it would be aligning its forest inventory with science and it intends to defer logging for two years in 2.6 million hectares of the most threatened old-growth forests, with the goal of using that reprieve to work with First Nations to protect these forests forever. 

Now it’s up to us to hold this government accountable to these commitments and complete the paradigm shift in forests in BC.

These logging deferrals, not to mention subsequent protection of these irreplaceable forests, remain incomplete, and tens of thousands of hectares of the most threatened old-growth in the province continue to be logged.

We know that constant, concerted and repeated pressure is the best way to make this an issue lawmakers cannot avoid — and we’re aiming to help you do just that.

Each action you take is part of a series of strategic and coordinated actions targeting government decision-makers all across the province. From emails and phone calls to meetings with your MLA to other tactics that can be deployed while respecting public health guidelines, together we’ll make protecting old-growth forests an issue the BC government can’t ignore.