The movement to save old-growth forests


Years of advocacy from people like you have forced the BC government to admit there’s a crisis in old-growth forests and fundamental changes are needed. Now is a key moment for endangered and irreplaceable forests.

The groundbreaking Old-Growth Strategic Review released in 2020, calls for a paradigm shift in the forests and immediate action to protect endangered old-growth. Several years later, the BC NDP government has fallen far behind on implementing these promised changes.

While around two million hectares (less than 3.5 per cent of BC’s total forested area) has been temporarily deferred from logging, clearcutting continues in tens of thousands of hectares of additional at-risk old-growth forests. The provincial government has not delivered the funding needed to support First Nations, forest industry workers and communities, and ensure both short term protection and medium and long term plans to protect old-growth forests forever.

Premier David Eby has vowed to do better on old-growth and climate change. It’s up to us to hold his government accountable to these commitments and complete the paradigm shift in forests in BC.

We know that constant, concerted and repeated pressure is the best way to make this an issue lawmakers cannot avoid — and we’re aiming to help you do just that.

Each action you take is part of a series of strategic and coordinated actions targeting government decision-makers all across the province. From emails and phone calls to meetings with your MLA to other tactics that can be deployed while respecting public health guidelines, together we’ll make protecting old-growth forests an issue the BC government can’t ignore.