Event location
Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8W 3M7

Rally to End Fracking Outside the BC NDP Convention

Photo credit Sven Biggs

Join Frack Free BC outside the BC NDP’s convention in Victoria to call on the party to abandon its support for fossil fuel extraction and end fracking in the province. We’ll hear from grassroots NDP members who want the province to stop its expansion of fracking and approvals of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants that will only worsen the climate disasters that BC has seen in recent years.

British Columbians want to see Premier David Eby begin winding down gas production and take care of the workers and communities left in its wake. He needs to show us he understands his remarks when he first became premier that “we cannot continue to expand fossil fuel infrastructure and expect to meet our climate goals.”

Join us outside the Victoria Conference Centre at 10 AM on November 18 to show the BC NDP that the movement expects them to do what’s necessary to preserve a safe climate — end the extraction and use of fossil fuels!