Donor Relations Manager
Michelle Johnson

Michelle ensures that our donors are happy, informed about how their gifts are being used and that she's there for them if they need anything. Michelle works from the unceded Lekwungen Territories. She works to help donors realize their goals – matching them to opportunities only the Wilderness Committee can offer. Michelle admires all things wild and at the Wilderness Committee, she has the opportunity to defend the natural world. Michelle has been an advocate and fundraiser since 1996, and has worked for organizations such as Power of Hope, Greenpeace Canada, Sierra Club BC, Forest Action Network, Adbusters Media, Open Media and represented Amnesty International, Unicef, Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Aids Committee of Toronto and Sick Kids Hospital Foundation in her time at Public Outreach. Michelle is an avid hiker, former frog catcher and current beekeeper.