Climate Solutions

Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Saying "Yes" to a healthier vision for the future

There are many reasons to stand up against new pipelines, coal facilities, gas plants and refineries, and against the influence that fossil fuel industries have on our governments. But behind the immediate and obvious impacts to our air and water, our rejection of these fossil fuel projects is based on an intuitive and realistic vision of the future – a world that leaves us shouting "YES!"

This report is about painting the vision of a world we can all support, one where doing a decent day's work doesn't jeopardize our children's ability to live in a stable, life-supporting climate.

Climate change provides a chance for us to alter the way we look at how we move around, where we live, what energy we use and what we eat. In many cases, these are areas in which we have a choice. And increasingly, these choices give us the means to significantly reduce our impact on the climate. 

We have come a long way in the last decade when it comes to fossil fuel alternatives. With this report, we hope to provide just a small glimpse into the exciting changes taking hold right across Canada.

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