Protect Hollow Water First Nation Territory

Monday, May 13, 2013

Waanibiigaa Aki: A Legacy for all Manitobans

There are few places on this planet left untouched by industrialization. In an increasingly populated world, natural areas are becoming ever more valuable, simply because they are still whole. The lands and waters of Hollow Water First Nation territory are on the edge of the gretaest intact forest left on Earth – the Heart of the Boreal – and their care will be a legacy for all Manitobans.

For a hundred years, the demand for minerals and logs has impinged on Hollow Water territory. The scars of abandoned logging roads and toxic mine waste can be found today on the land. Economic development has brought job opportunities, but it comes with a cost.

A dozen years ago, Elders from across the Heart of the Boreal region gathered in Hollow Water and produced a declaration calling for protection of the land from industrial development, and for community-driven land-use initiatives.

A wealth of natural wonder is found in Hollow Water territory, interwoven with a vibrant history and sustaining cultural story. But without careful action, this territory could be pared down and fragmented, and the heart of this land would be lost.

Read this educational report to learn how we can keep Hollow Water First Nation territory healthy and whole.

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