Who's Looking Out For Canada's Environment?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ottawa Guts Environmental Protection Laws

Polls repeatedly show that Canadians value honesty, accountability and kindness—attributes that are completely missing these days from the federal government’s approach to the environment.

The government’s sweeping budget bill was a case in point. Tabled on April 26th, 2012, Bill C–38 dedicated over a third of its 420 pages to rolling back environmental legislation that generations of Canadians have fought to establish.

Written with no public consultation, the bill waged war on laws that protect our air and water, on regulations to safeguard fish habitat, on public participation in environmental assessments and on government oversight of large industrial projects.

Read this paper to better understand what these regulatory rollbacks really mean to:

  • the protection of wild salmon and endangered species
  • our fight against climate change
  • the battle to safeguard fresh water and clean air
  • democratic participation and science-based decision making
  • Canada's international reputation

Find out what really needs to be done to protect our environment from coast to coast to coast, and learn about what you can do to ensure that Canada's national heritage—which our parents and grandparents fought to protect—remains intact.

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