Zero Carbon or Bust

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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What does a zero carbon economy actually mean? What is life like in a world where we've stopped pumping pollution into the atmosphere and are now working to reverse climate change? And how do we get there? Find some answers in our  latest report Zero Carbon or Bust 

Our latest paper, Zero Carbon or Bust, is a stark reality check on the task ahead and a launching pad for the decisive legislation we need for the bold action required against the climate crisis. It shows that solutions to this crisis are readily available. What’s missing is the political will to deploy them on the scale required.

That gives us a lot of hope. But it must also spur us to act.
We’ve got about 30 years to stop polluting the atmosphere. Abstract targets and clean growth initiatives aside, that’s the goal science demands. Canadians can enjoy a great quality of life in a zero-carbon economy but it requires us to reevaluate much of modern life — how we grow food, build homes, power our gadgets, travel to work and even manage our money.