Build a strong Manitoba nature protection branch!

Great blue heron at Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park

Manitoba's path to becoming an environmental leader starts now

The former Manitoba government significantly weakened nature protection in the province. They did this, in part, by transferring the management of parks, wildlife, and fisheries from the environmental branch to ministries focused on development. We don’t need our biologists working for mining and logging interests!

Already, we’ve seen the new government move the parks branch back into the environment and climate change ministry. This is a great step! We’ll need to see more to become the leader we need to be to care for the planet.

We can't continue to treat nature as an afterthought. The government branch that looks after nature has to be strong, respected and have proper resources. Caring for nature means looking after the wildlife, waters, and fisheries. We must put wildlife and fisheries back in the environment branch!

Around the globe, scientists are raising alarms about drastic biodiversity loss and how this and the climate crisis must be solved together. In 2022, 196 countries signed on to preserve nature by agreeing to protect 30 per cent of the lands and waters on the planet. We have to see huge funding increases year after year until our international commitments are met.

We’re excited that the new Manitoba government has voiced its commitment to care for nature and climate. Now, we start the hard work of ensuring environmental protections happen the right way.

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