In July 2014, the Wilderness Committee's Vancouver Island Campaigner, Torrance Coste, visited the site of fresh clearcut logging at McLaughlin Ridge, near Port Alberni. See below for photos of the destruction.

You can help protect what remains of this threatened old-growth forest! Send a message to logging company Island Timberlands and BC government officials, demanding an end to old-growth logging on McLaughlin Ridge. 

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New clearcuts on McLaughlin Ridge from the other side of the China Creek watershed


Fallen old-growth Douglas-fir and hemlock on McLaughlin Ridge


 Very recent clearcut on McLaughlin Ridge


Torrance Coste standing in an old-growth Douglas-fir clearcut on McLaughlin Ridge


Torrance Coste counting rings on a fallen old-growth giant


Standing old-growth just downhill from Island Timberlands most recent clearcut on McLaughlin Ridge


Giant trees and fungi in the remaining old-growth forest on McLaughlin Ridge


Jane Morden of the Watershed-Forest Alliance stands at the bottom of a debris-filled clearcut on McLaughlin Ridge


Island Timberlands clearcut and machinery on McLaughlin Ridge


Torrance Coste looks over the recent old-growth clearcut on McLaughlin Ridge