Walbran Valley Photos - 2015

See below for downloadable images from the Walbran Valley, Vancouver Island, BC.

Click on the image to download, or see download links at the bottom of this page. Please include photo credits as indicated.



Cutblock 4401, central Walbran Valley (Photos: Wilderness Committee)


Falling boundary tape in the Walbran Valley (Photo: Wilderness Committee)


Unprotected Castle Giant (Photo: Shane Johnson)


Teal Jones clearcut in the Walbran Valley (Wilderness Committee)

 A recent Teal Jones clearcut in the Walbran Valley (Photo: Wilderness Committee)

Threatened old-growth in a Teal Jones cutblock (Photo: Ty Jones)

Wilderness Committee campaigner Torrance Coste with the Castle Giant in the threatened Castle Grove (Photo: Wilderness Committee) 

Central Walbran Valley with 4424 Highlight (Map by Geoff Senichenko, Wilderness Committee)

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