Thanks for supporting the Wilderness Committee. Every campaign to preserve wilderness, protect wildlife, and fight climate change is funded by donations from people like you!

Due to some changes in the BC Societies Act that came into effect Fall 2016, Wilderness Committee members voted to make a change in the bylaws to update our membership structure.

Your annual support, such as your previous membership fee, will now be processed as a donation through our Wilderness Defender program, and you will receive a tax-receipt for the full amount of the donation in return. If you’d still like to receive a Wilderness Committee calendar, you absolutely can. They will be available for $20 including taxes, shipping and handling.

Many supporters are now choosing to switch their membership to a monthly gift by joining our Trailblazer program. For gifts of $15/month or more, you will receive your calendar as a free gift each year.

Thank you so much for continuing your support. We know our supporters are passionate folks who are dedicated to protecting Canada’s wild. We couldn’t run any campaigns without your help!

Donate as a Wilderness Defender

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