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    Wilderness Committee delivering over 3,600 letters during public consultation on Nopiming Provincial Park Draft Management Plan

    WINNIPEG – This morning the Wilderness Committee will deliver 3,600 letters to Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, asking for a ban on mining in provincial parks.

    The timely delivery of letters is occurring during the public consultation period regarding the Draft Management Plan for Nopiming Provincial Park. Shockingly, 81 per cent of Nopiming remains open for mining.

  • News Release

    Torrance Coste will travel to Paris to advocate for strong climate action at COP21

    VICTORIA – This Thursday, the Wilderness Committee’s Vancouver Island Campaigner, Torrance Coste, departs for Paris to attend the highly anticipated UN climate change conference (COP21) as a civil society delegate.

  • November 20, 2015

    A flock of ravens were having fun riding the cold breeze on the ridgeline overlooking the Peace River. Here sits a red shack, perched on the edge of the grassy escarpment looking out over the valley, its windows focused like glassy eyes on the massive industrial site below.

    Last week, I joined about a dozen other environmental activists who had been invited here by local farmers and First Nations people to come and see “Dam Protesters’ Point,” as this observation shack had been named by my guides. It is located on the ridge across from the confluence of the Moberly and Peace Rivers. Below was the site of the proposed Site C dam, roughly 100 days since heavy equipment had begun tearing up the river and surrounding forests.

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    Nopiming Provincial park is a wild destination for more than 100,000 people every year. With lots of undeveloped lakes and forests, as well as rivers to paddle down, Nopiming allows access to a peaceful wilderness while also providing a haven for wildlife.

    Over the years, human activity has diminished the wild nature of this region, and it’s time we worked harder at preserving Nopiming. 

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