• Since 2011, Windermere High School’s Youth for Climate Justice Now has organized an Annual Earth Day Celebration.  Each April Vancouverites have flocked to Commercial Drive for this this fun, family-friendly tradition, coming together to celebrate the planet.

    Join us on Sunday April 26, 2015 for this youth-driven parade!
    We will be marching up Commercial Drive with large and colourful banners, costumes, pedal-powered floats, and much more all focusing on the effects of climate change. Musical guests, engaging guest speakers and information tables from metro Vancouver environmental organizations like the Wilderness Committee will make this event informative and fun.
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    Remember the massive Mount Polley mine disaster that happened last August near the town of Likely, BC? The one that released more than 17 million cubic metres of water and contaminated slurry into nearby fish-bearing streams and lakes, and was dubbed the worst tailings pond breach in Canadian mining history?

    Well, less than a year after the tailings pond dam gave way and flooded the natural environment with tailings and wastewater, the mining company – Imperial Metals – is applying to the BC government to re-open the mine. 

  • The Huffington Post
    By Eoin Madden
    April 15, 2015

    I remember in 2010, before I knew my future lay in Canada, I was in Scotland enjoying my Canadian friend’s pride over hosting the Winter Olympics. One detail that twigged my attention at the time was the fact that snow was being trucked to the slopes surrounding Vancouver, because it was unusually warm that winter and they desperately needed it for the alpine events. When I asked whether or not trucking in snow was commonplace in Canada, I got a clear and uncompromising response: no this was freakish, an uncommon practice born out of bad natural luck.

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    Time for a ban on bee-killing pesticides

    The importance of bees to our natural world cannot be overstated. One out of every three bites of food we eat exists because of pollinators. Bees pollinate almost 75 per cent of the vegetables, nuts and fruit grown in North America including apples, flaxseed, peaches, strawberries, carrots, pepper, avocado and almonds.

    Life as we know it simply would not exist without bees, which is why their decline is so worrying! 

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