MB Staff

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 (All day)

Eric Reder, Manitoba Campaign Director
Eric has worked for the Wilderness Committee since 2003 as a canvasser. Eric is a multi-talented man who has performed successfully as a campaigner, publisher, photographer, director of a national sports organization, carpenter, communications director and coach.

His valuable work experience is complemented by a strong background as an avid and accomplished outdoorsman. First-hand knowledge of many wild spaces has instilled a deep appreciation for their beauty and value, strengthening Eric's resolve to protect them. Eric spent much of his youth in the wilderness east of Lake Winnipeg, starting with his first paddling trip at age four. Since then he has journeyed through much of Canada's wildlands, and many U.S. wilderness areas as well.

Laura Smith, Campaign Assistant, Winnipeg

Laura grew up on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Tofino, BC. There she grew to love the wild coastal landscape, and the way of thinking of those who knew that land well. Laura has always been passionate about social and environmental issues, which has led her to do a lot of traveling as well as some humanitarian work in China, and she continues to be deeply involved in her community through volunteering and grassroots action. Her educational background is in international development and biological sciences, and she has always been intrigued by a challenge. When not working, traveling or volunteering, Laura is often reading, gardening, or seeking an adventure.

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