2018 Canada’s Wild Endangered Species and Spaces Calendar

Monday, November 06, 2017

Support critical campaigns by purchasing our 2018 Canada's Wild Endangered Species and Spaces Calendar!

Dear Friend,
We finally did it!
What, you ask? Stop the Site C Dam? Put an end to the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal? Ban bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides?
Nope, not quite. But those are on our list for sure!
We've produced our stunning, extraordinary and award-winning 2018 Canada’s Wild Endangered Species and Spaces Calendar.
Is that possible, you ask? All of those spectacular photos combined with urgent campaign updates and informative maps from our former Wilderness and Wildlife calendars - in one calendar?
Yes, it’s true. And it is only $20 including shipping and taxes. Or $15 plus taxes if you drop by our offices to get one.
What on earth would I need a paper calendar for? I have one on my phone and my computer!
You could try hanging it on your wall, taking it to a rally to save the bees or using it as a placemat.
And we have lots of other amazing environmentally-friendly gifts on our webstore too, so check those out while you’re there.
All funds go to supporting those cool campaigns we mentioned before and much more.
For the wild,
Joe Foy |  National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee