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10 weeks 8 hours ago

Why criticism of the activists at the prime minister's Nanaimo town hall misses the point

32 weeks 6 hours ago
September/October 2017
Read Joe Foy's Wild Times column in the Watershed Sentinel, as he looks forward to the day that hunting grizzlies for fun or profit becomes a thing of our barbaric past.
41 weeks 3 hours ago
July/August 2017
Read Joe Foy's Wild Times column in the Watershed Sentinel, as he considers the possible outcome of the upcoming BC provincial election and what that might mean for new environmental law and policy.
48 weeks 10 hours ago
By Peter McCartney, 
The Georgia Straight, May 19, 2017
It shouldn’t come as a shocker when oil barons get peeved with governments respecting the will of the people. But an opinion piece from former Liberal MP and oil industry apologist Martha Hall Findlay last week was over the top.
50 weeks 4 days ago
By Peter McCartney, Bob Chitrenky, Eric Doherty & Harold Steves
The Province, April 25, 2017
In early April, just days from the start of the provincial election campaign, protesters stole a nice photo-op away from Transportation Minister Todd Stone, who wanted to celebrate the alleged “start” of construction of a multi-billion project to replace the Massey Tunnel with a new 10-lane bridge. Stone was forced to hastily convene his press conference in a nearby fire hall rather than have his planned backdrop spoiled by placards.
1 year 3 weeks ago
By Torrance Coste & Scott Doherty
The Vancouver Sun, March 21, 2017
Early this month, a paper mill on Vancouver Island was forced to shut down for six days because of a “lack” of raw material to run the mill.
1 year 4 weeks ago
By Peter McCartney
The Tyee, March 14, 2017
So far, LNG industry hasn’t done much except fill BC Liberal coffers.
1 year 6 weeks ago
March/April 2017
Read Joe Foy's Wild Times column in the Watershed Sentinel, as he examines the plight of life in the universe - starting with species at risk in British Columbia.
1 year 6 weeks ago
By Eric Reder
Winnipeg Free Press,  January 19, 2017
This past December, we witnessed the first loss of protected lands in Manitoba under our current provincial government, as Pemmican Island in Lake Winnipegosis — which had been protected for 15 years — was opened up for mineral exploration. In addition to regressive thinking on the environment, the Pemmican Island episode also displayed a lack of competence and leadership.

1 year 14 weeks ago

January/February 2017

Read Joe Foy's Wild Times column in the Watershed Sentinel, as he sifts through government records to reveal the dirty tricks that were used to grease the skids for BC mega-projects like the Site C dam.