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22 weeks 4 days ago

It’s only mid-May, and our 2016 trail building season is already halfway over.

22 weeks 4 days ago

Come join us for a talk on the growing resistance to the Energy East pipeline. 

25 weeks 10 hours ago

April 29, 2016

A convocation of eagles had appeared ahead of me, but I was still fumbling to free my camera from the depths of my backpack.

27 weeks 3 days ago

By Torrance Coste
Huffington Post
April 11, 2016

The Raven Coal Mine proposal is finally gone.

32 weeks 4 days ago

By Peter McCartney
The Georgia Straight
March 4, 2016

I’ve had a lot of inspiring moments around Howe Sound: taking in stunning mountain views from the top of the Stawamus Chief or dipping my feet in Browning Lake after a long hike. But my experience this past weekend blew them all away.

49 weeks 3 days ago

By Eoin Madden
Huffington Post
November, 11 2015

I remember standing beside a festering pool of "processed" water from a fracking drill site outside Hudson's Hope in northeast British Columbia. It was toxic water that was used by the gas industry to smash shale rock at high pressure and extract the fuel. My eyes hurt and my lungs burned from the oppressive air surrounding the pool (watch the video here). This isn't the natural gas from your grandparents' era -- we are in a new and extreme energy age.

1 year 7 weeks ago

By Torrance Coste
Times Colonist
September 2, 2015

The rain that arrived last weekend was a welcome relief for the rivers and streams on Vancouver Island. But for one valley, the wet weather could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

1 year 12 weeks ago

By Torrance Coste
July 28, 2015

On July 5, 2015, I woke up just after dawn. It was early, but I didn't feel tired or disoriented. I stepped out on my deck and saw it wasn't 5 a.m.-dim at all.

It was cloudy, and the clouds were orange.

I grabbed my phone, and after noticing the time -- 9:30 -- I saw my Twitter and Facebook feeds lighting up with "Smoke Posts."

1 year 15 weeks ago

By Eoin Madden
The Georgia Straight
July 10, 2015

This summer, B.C.’s forest fire season arrived a month early—and with a ferocity not witnessed in our lifetime. While struggling to breathe the smoke-filled air in Metro Vancouver this week, I’ve been reminded of the predictions made by experts who say that climate change will make this “freak” situation the new normal.

1 year 18 weeks ago

By Torrance Coste
The Tyee
June 13, 2015

Eight months ago, a hiker and friend of our organization found new surveying tape in the central Walbran Valley. There, centred around the iconic Castle Grove, stands one of the largest intact tracts of unlogged old growth rainforest on southern Vancouver Island.