BC Endangered Species Legislation

Did you know BC has no endangered species legislation? Most people are unaware that although BC has the greatest biodiversity in the country, we are one of only two provinces in Canada – the other being Alberta – that has no stand-alone law to protect endangered wildlife. 

Today, more than 1,900 species and subspecies are at risk of disappearing from our province.  From peregrine falcons to monarch butterflies, endangered species in BC are left to fend for themselves against climate change, toxic contamination, urban sprawl, logging and industrial development.

See this video about some of BC's species at risk

Polls show that well over 85 per cent of British Columbians want strong legislation that will protect our wildlife. The Wilderness Committee is calling on the provincial government to enact a law that will ensure we have spotted owls, mountain caribou and Vancouver Island marmots now and in our future.
An effective endangered species law will:

  - Protect the habitat of endangered species
  - Be based on sound science
  - Identify, protect and recover endangered species across BC
Introducing an endangered species law in BC is a smart investment in the future and the right thing to do.  Ensuring a healthy environment for blue birds and badgers helps to ensure a healthy environment for us as well.



Click here to download the petition PDF. 

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Recent Developments

22 hours 38 min ago
Download our latest educational report  Vote Wild! education report outlines the pressing environmental issues in BC and how voters can make them high-priority in the lead-up to the BC election.
2 weeks 3 days ago
The Wilderness Committee's short film Their Land: Last of the Caribou has been accepted into the 2017 Salt Spring Film Festival!
2 weeks 5 days ago
The Wilderness Committee's short film Their Land: Last of the Caribou has been accepted into the 2017 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival!

Take Action

Sign the Petition at Last Place on Earth


Many people are shocked to find out that BC, along with Alberta, is one of only two provinces in Canada with no endangered species legislation to protect wildlife at risk, such as grizzly bears, Great Blue Herons, and rare desert plants. By taking action today - you can help change that.

You are in good company: polls show that over 85 percent of British Columbians want a law that will protect the 1900 species at risk that call this province home.

After you have signed this petition, pass the link onto five of your friends.  Together we can make sure that BC remains the Best Place on Earth!

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