Appealing Nature in Manitoba - We're Standing Up for Wilderness

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Last month, the Manitoba Minister for Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires dismissed a long-overdue appeal appeal of a peat mine licence near Lake Winnipeg from 2011.

And we disagree. So we’re filing an appeal again.

The minister did not address our concerns about the carbon release and the devastating climate effects of peat mining, nor the licensing process problems, and so we’ve appealed to the next level of government. 

And frankly, it is not 2011 anymore. This government knows that people want climate action. Protecting peat bogs and eliminating carbon release is the right thing to do, and we hope the government gets that this time around.


As the year draws to a close, we're looking back on cuts to environmental laws in Manitoba. In their first year, the new provincial government paid no attention to the environment file. Now we now have water-polluting hog barn expansions on the way, and a disappointing Climate and Green Discussion Paper that lets big polluters off the hook...and needs more nature

And as I write this, the government has made changes to regulations for manure spreading. This will surely put more phosphorous downstream into our waterways changing our ecosystems for the worse.

But it’s not all bad. We’re seeing hope for the future and for an ecologically better Manitoba.


At our recent town hall meeting to talk about Manitoba’s Climate and Green Discussion Paper, the convocation hall was filled to capacity and we had to open up the balcony! So many of you showed up eager to engage about how we can do better for the environment in Manitoba. That is a reason for hope.

I believe that more and more people understand that strong environmental regulations and protection for nature is the ONLY way forward. You're part of a green wave that's coming.

In 2018, we’ll keep standing up for wild spaces and wild species, and for clean water and healthy communities. Together we can ensure more nature in our future.

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