Get your feet on the street for Friday’s National School Strike for Climate

Students with signs asking for climate action.
Students with signs asking for climate action.

Dear Friends,

Come support the growing global movement of students striking on Fridays for a better future. Manitoba Youth for Climate Action is hosting the National School Strike for Climate and we hope you are able to come out and stand in support.


What: National School Strike for Climate

When: Friday, May 3 at noon

Where: Manitoba Legislative Building front steps


A 15-year-old student named Greta Thunberg began striking from school in Sweden last summer when she realized decision makers were not taking the threat of climate change seriously. Her solitary strike has inspired more than a million students to stop their formal education on Fridays and ask decision-makers to act now to slash carbon pollution.

Just today the UK Parliament – facing a growing show of solidarity from concerned citizens in the youth climate strike and Extinction Rebellion protests – declared a nation-wide climate emergency. Yet in Manitoba, our government is backpedalling on their promise of pricing carbon and instead is wasting time politicking and picking fights with other jurisdictions.

Our leaders are acting like children, and so the youth must be leaders.

For more info visit: or find them on Instagram @mbyouthforclimateaction and with the hashtag #mbyouth4climate

We want you to show up and raise your voice for urgent climate action. Take time off this Friday and support their stand. Get your feet on the street. This is our planet — and the leaders of tomorrow are calling for our action today.


For the wild,

Eric Reder wearing a floppy hat.


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