Manitoba government asking your opinion on protecting Duck Mountain and Turtle Mountain Provincial Parks

Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Right now the Manitoba government is asking if we should increase protection for two provincial parks: Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Both parks have seen significant damage by industrial activity. Your voice now can protect them for the future.
Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is located along the U.S. border in southwest Manitoba, and is an island of natural forest in a sea of developed prairie farm land. Oil and gas development has occurred in the Turtle Mountain area since the 1950s, but the company operating in the park has decided to end their lease. Now is the time to protect Turtle Mountain Provincial Park.
The government’s proposal is to remove the Resource Management (RM) land use claissfication, meaning Turtle Mountain Provincial Park will not be at risk from industrial activity any more! This is great news.
However, the news is not as good for Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Fondly referred to as “The Ducks”, it is located in west central Manitoba, just north of Riding Mountain National Park. This is one of the most abused parks in our province. More than half of Duck Mountain Provincial Park (61%) is open for industrial clearcut logging. This is Manitoba’s shame, being one of the last two parks in Canada that allow commercial logging. More than 800 square kilometers of forest that should be protected for animals and nature are in the hands of logging companies.
The Manitoba government’s current proposal for Duck Mountain calls for an area around Line Lake in the northern part of the park to be protected. This is not even one square kilometer of new protected land! This won’t do – we need to ask for better from our government.
The reality is we need more nature protected in our province and on our planet. This spring a comprehensive report on nature authored by 550 leading experts worldwide concluded that destruction of nature is as dangerous to our society as climate change. The authors do point out, however, that we know what we need to do. 
More than a third of each of Whiteshell, Nopiming, Duck Mountain, and Grass River Provincial Parks are unprotected. Protecting nature in all of Manitoba’s Parks from industrial activity is our only path forward. 
For more information on the Manitoba government proposals, read this Duck Mountain backgrounder and this Turtle Mountain backgrounder
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